Applications For The 2013 Interdisciplinary PhD in Social Studies Closed on 31 July 2012

28 May, 2012,

MISR announces that applications for the 2013 interdisciplinary PhD in Social Studies are closed.

However below are detais about the programme:

The programme is open to applicants who have earned a B.A. Upper Second or equivalent (students with lower than a B.A. Upper Second must demonstrate evidence of subsequent achievement such as publications or a postgraduate degree). Students who have a Masters or PhD are welcome to apply; however, all students must complete the entire programme, including the two years of coursework, regardless of prior academic qualifications.

M Phil / PhD in Social Studies: Courses

 3.2.1 Core Courses (SSR = Social Studies Core Subjects)

 SSR 7101: Major Debates in the Study of Africa

SSR 7102: Premodern Social and Political Thought

SSR 7103: The History of Economic Theory

 SSR 7204: Africa Before Western Hegemony

SSR 8101: Colonialism, Post-Colonialism, and Decolonisation

SSR 8202: Research Seminar

3.2.2 Cluster 1: Political Studies (SSP = Social Studies concentration in Political Studies)

SSP 7201: Human Rights and Politics

SSP 7202: Contemporary Social and Political Thought

SSP 8101: Power, Society and Custom Before and After Colonialism

SSP 8202: The Modern State and the Colonial Subject

SSP 8203: Thematic Seminar: Political Studies

3.2.3 Cluster 2: Political Economy (SSE = Social Studies concentration in Political Economy)

SSE 7201: International Political Economy

SSE 8101: Statistical Methods SSE 8102: Late Industrialization

SSE 8103: Thematic Seminar: Political Economy

SSE 8204: The Agrarian Question in Modern History

3.2.4 Cluster 3: Historical Studies (Social Studies concentration in Historical Studies)

SSH 7201: Slavery and Slave Trades

SSH 7202: Gender in History

SSH 8101: Thematic Seminar: Historical Studies

SSH 8102: Historical Research and Sources in African History

SSH 8203: History and Historicism

3.2.5 Cluster 4: Cultural Studies (Social Studies concentration in Cultural Studies)

SSC 7201: African Literature and the Critical Traditions

SSC 7202: Thematic Seminar: Cultural Studies

SSC 8101: Culture and Theory

SSC 8102: Studies in Contemporary African Popular Arts and Cultures

SSC 8202: Development, Culture & Social Change


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