Seminar: "De-pastoralisation’ in Karamoja: From Livelihoods Diversification to Social Differentiation" by Dr Matteo Caravani.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017 -
2:15pm to 5:15pm

Dr Matteo Caravani, a post-doc Fellow at MISR, will be giving a seminar, "De-pastoralisation' in Karamoja: From Livelihoods diversification to social differentiation", on Wednesday August 9th, 2017.  


Over the past two generations, livestock loss and hunger – caused by violent conflict and drought – drove many transhumant agro-pastoralists living in central Karamoja to resettle in unpopulated areas more suitable for agricultural production. These areas, mostly located in the southern and western parts of the region, were historically used by herders as dry season grazing rangelands, while they now house permanent settlements populated by sedentarised ‘marginal farmers’ and town-based workers. In this paper I advance the concept of ‘de-pastoralisation’ to describe the dispossession of the major means of social reproduction, which cause increasing livelihoods diversification and social differentiation. Through the concept of de-pastoralisation this paper aims to investigate the historical origins of social differentiation and the formation of a Karamojong wage labour force, which is characterized by inter and intra exploitative family relations of production leading to processes of male elite accumulation and general proletarianisation that reproduce inequality over time.   

Papers are available from MISR Library.

The event is open to the Public. Audience attendance is limited to 60 persons. Pre-register with MISR Library or email:

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MISR Seminar Room 1

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