Seminar: "Engaging Anthropology: Development, Culture and Accommodation" by Dr. Christopher Kidd

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Monday, 10 September 2012 - 3:00am

Seminar: Engaging Anthropology: Development, culture and accommodation.

Brief Description: The seminar will investigate some of the key issues involved in anthropological work amongst a vulnerable minority group in Uganda. Issues of methodology, detachment and objectivity intermingle with the role trust, emotions and engagement have on those we study. The mediation of these key and often conflicting issues is often heightened in contexts where the informants are themselves caught up in powerful structures of discrimination and violence. Grounding the seminar in my work with the Batwa of south west Uganda I highlight some of these key issues and discuss how I have attempted to negotiate them over the last ten years.  The second half of the seminar will focus on some of the key theoretical issues my research has focused on.  Specifically, the seminar will discuss popular notions of development and culture and explore how such terms are mediated, reinforced and subverted.  This will explore the double bind that the Batwa, and Ugandans more generally, face in their struggle to find valid identities in a global and structured world.  Importantly, the seminar will move beyond the existence of structural opposition in these contexts and discuss opportunities for the study of shared spaces where mutually supportive relationships can be built.  Relationships that might provide a better starting point for developing the nation states so desperately sought in the African context.

Bio: Christopher Kidd received his MA in anthropology at the University of Glasgow and his PhD in social anthropology at the same university. His research and work among the Batwa of south-west Uganda focus on the impact of development and conservation initiatives on Batwa liveli­hoods and futures. Chris currently works for the Forest Peoples Programme, an indigenous rights group that works to secure the rights of forest peoples globally.

Time: 2:15 - 4:15 pm

Venue: Seminar Room 1



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