Workshop on Trans-African slaveries in collaboration with Columbia University

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Friday, 26 June 2015 - 9:30am to Saturday, 27 June 2015 - 5:00pm

This conference is organized by the Ifriqiyya Colloquium, Columbia University, and MISR

  1. Ann McDougall, University of Alberta, Visions of the Sahara: Negotiating the History and Historiography of Pre-Modern Saharan Slavery
  2. Dahlia Gubara, Tales of Bondage, Bonded Tales: Some Thoughts on the Historiography of Arab-Islamic Slavery
  3. Indrani Chatterjee, University of Texas at Austin, How to Break Out of Orientalism when studying Africans in South Asian Pasts
  4. Abdul Sheriff, former Director, ZIORI, Transition from Domestic to Plantation Slavery in the Early Islamic Period


  1. Yonas Ashine, MISR, Bringing the Slaves Back In: Slaves and State Formations in the Horn of Africa
  2. Ismael M. Montana, Northern Illinois University, USA, The State and Assimilation of Enslaved West Africans in Husaynid Tunisia
  3. Mahmood Mamdani,MISR and Columbia University, The Sidis of Gujarat: Indians of African Descent
  4. Fatima Harrak, University Mohammed V, Morocco, Some Scholars-State Disputes for the definition of slavery in North West Africa

Attendance will be limited to 50 persons. Those who wish to attend should register with the library and also pick up papers from the library.

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MISR Semianr Room 1
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