Successful Doctoral Defense by Joseph Kasule

22 Jan, 2018,

We are proud to announce that Joseph Kasule successfully defended his thesis titled,"Islam in the State: A Genealogy of the Muslim Minority Question in Uganda" on Friday 19th January 2018. His main supervisor was Prof. Mahmood Mamdani and the opponent was Professor Abdelwahab El-Affendi from Doha Institute of Graduate Studies, Qatar.

His thesis engages narratives that seek to explain the systematic murder of Muslim clerics and important personalities since 2012 as an entry point to understanding the historical Muslim minority question in Uganda. The study challenges academic scholarship that has homogenized Muslims’ political identity across multiple political authorities and demonstrates that Muslim responses to existing power have historically been varied and multiple depending on Muslim group’s conviction of the role of Islam under non-Muslim power. The consequence is that the Muslim minority question needs to be studied in relation to other emerging questions that influenced it, such as the nationality question. More especially how post-colonial governance of Islam and Muslims entwined with multiple and diverse framings of the nationality question.

He is the fourth student to earn a PhD through the MISR Interdisciplinary PhD programme in Social Studies.

Congratulations Dr. Kasule!