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This research project seeks to understand the history of the Ethiopian revolution before the events of February 1974, which do little to trace the origins of dissent and social protests in social and cultural processes occurring in the rest of the city (Addis Ababa). One of the premises and working assumptions of this study is that the young and the urban were the most important force behind the revolution and revolutionary activity. By paying closer attention to the social and cultural processes as well as the material foundations that made dissent and revolutionary action possible in the years between 1941 and 1974, this study would be able to construct the urban and social dimension of the revolution. As a result, the study would be able to problematize the role of the young and the urban in revolution rather than focusing just on students as the chief “revolutionary subject” with “revolutionary consciousness” in Ethiopia.

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The Young and the Urban in Revolution: A History of Social and Cultural Change in Wube Bereha, Addis Ababa, 1941-1974
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