Yusuf Serunkuma Kajura

Education CV

Yusuf is a Cultural Studies major with a Bachelors’ degree in Literature and English Language. He also has interests in historical studies and political economy. Yusuf moonlights as a playwright, and his first play, The Snake Farmers (2015) is a course-book for secondary schools in Rwanda. He is recipient of several awards including Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Next Gen Social Sciences, and Africa Humanities Programme (AHP/ACLS).  He was African Studies Association (ASA) Presidential Fellow for 2015 and has presented his work at Wellesley College, Harvard University, and Columbia University. Yusuf is a volunteer editor for the online Pan-Africanist publication, Pambazuka News, and a guest-writer for Uganda’s The Observer.

Thesis working title
Making Somaliland: Popular Culture, Identity and National Consciousness
Areas of research
Yusuf works on the Horn of Africa and is in the final stages of completing his PhD dissertation, which is titled, “Making Somaliland: Popular Culture, Identity and National Consciousness.” His PhD project focuses on nationalist sentiment and identity in Somaliland after the 1991 civil war in a context of secessionism. As part of this project, Yusuf uses the case study of Somaliland to debate and theorize secessionist nationalism: Eritrea, South Sudan, Pakistan, Catalonia, Scotland etc. He has offered de-imagined communities as the conceptual term for this undertaking.
Blog posts
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