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Regional and ethnic identities: the Acholi of Northern Uganda, 1950–1968

Ethnic conflict in post-independence Uganda was a consequence of the confrontation between strong, ethnically divided local institutions and the post-colonial push for political centralisation, under the guise of nation building. To strengthen one, the other had to be weakened. Self-governance meant that the stakes for political power sharpened at national and local levels, ensuring that ethnic antipathies became more pronounced. Politicians who had succeeded within local politics were elevated to represent their various ethnic groups at the centre.

Journal Name: Journal of Eastern African Studies
Main Author: Dr. Elizabeth Laruni
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Settler Colonialism: Then and Now

For students of settler colonialism in the modern era, Africa and America represent two polar opposites. Africa is the continent where settler colonialism has been defeated; America is where settler colonialism triumphed. Myinterest in this essay is the American discourse on the making of America. My ambition is to do this from an African vantage point. Europeans who came to the New World were preoccupied with the ways in which it was not like Europe. Over the centuries that followed, there developed a body of work known as American exceptionalism.

Journal Name: Critical Inquiry
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Beyond Nuremberg: The Historical Significance of the Post-apartheid Transition in South Africa


Journal Name: Politics & Society
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The Paradoxical Geopolitics of Recriminalizing Homosexuality in Uganda: One of Three Ugly Sisters

In Sonia Correa and akshay khanna (Eds.) Putting the Law in its Place – Analyses of Recent Developments in Law Relating to Same-Sex Desire in India and Uganda: Sexuality Policy Watch Newsletter, No. 14.

Journal Name: Sexuality Policy Watch Newsletter
Main Author: Stella Nyanzi
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Queering Queer Africa

This is a book chapter In: Zethu Matebeni (Eds.), Reclaiming Afrika: Queer Perspectives on Sexual and Gender Identities, Athlone: Modjaji Books Pty Ltd, Pp 65-68.
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Queer Pride and Protest: A Reading of the Bodies at Uganda’s First Gay Beach Pride

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Journal Name: Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Main Author: Stella Nyanzi
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Gulu in War...and Peace? The Town as Camp in Northern Uganda

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Journal Name: Urban Studies
Main Author: Adam Branch
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Homosexuality, Sex Work and HIV/AIDS in Displacement and Post-Conflict Settings: The Case of Refugees in Uganda

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Journal Name: International Peacekeeping
Main Author: Stella Nyanzi
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Dismantling Reified African Culture Through Localised Homosexualities in Uganda

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Journal Name: Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care
Main Author: Stella Nyanzi
Year: 2013
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Rhetorical Analysis of President Jammeh's Threats to behead homosexuals in The Gambia

Stella Nyanzi has published a chapter entitled "Rhetorical Analysis of President Jammeh's Threats to behead homosexuals in The Gambia' in the edited volume entitled 'Sexual Diversity in Africa: Politics, Theory and Citizenship'. This book is edited by Sybille Nyeck and Marc Epprecht, and published by McGill Queen's University Press, Buffalo. For details please visit:

Main Author: Dr. Stella Nyanzi
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