Research Overview

In the face of a growing and pervasive culture of consultancy, MISR commits itself to its original vocation, social research. MISR aims to minimize the impact of consultancy culture, which reduces research to an information-gathering exercize by today's version of 'native informants,' and to focus instead on problem formulation as the heart of the research enterprise.

Formulating the problem calls for a two-fold commitment, firstly, to a critical engagement with the society at large and, secondly, to a critical grasp of the relevant disciplinary and inter-disciplinary literature in order to identify key debates within the literature and to locate queries within those debates. We think such an approach will allow us to re-think old questions and formulate new ones.

The research agenda is organized around a number of different themes, with different projects and different researchers working under each.



Research fellows

Virginie Tallio

"The corporate social responsibility policies of oil companies in Uganda and their impact on the local development landscape"

"Identity and integration of refugees in Uganda"


 Research Associates


4th year Thesis titles - 2017


1.     Ayanda Wiseman Nombila- An Intellectual History of “African Debates” 1980-2000.


2.     Barbara Nakangu Bugemba - Power and Subjectivity: The Genealogy of Persistent Conflicts and Power-Relations Associated with PAs in Uganda.


3.     Mugenyi Jonathan - Singing Politics: Popular Music, Popular Politics and Contingencies of Protest.


4.     Mutyaba Andrew Micheal- The NRM and the Construction of a Security State in Uganda, 1986-2016


5.     Yayha Sseremba- An inquiry into the political violence in the Rwenzori area of Uganda


6.     Temesgen Tesfarmariam Beyan- Impact of Modern State formation in Eritrea (1890 – 1991) on peasantry: de-peasantisation of labor


5th year Thesis titles - 2017


1.    Kasule Joseph- The State and Religion: A Genealogy of the Contemporary conflict in the Muslim Community in Uganda


2.    Haydee Bangerezako- Lake communities and hinterland relations: History of the Imbo region on Lake Tanganyika in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.


3.    Esibo Simon Omaada- An Examination of The Re-Emergence Of Traditional Institutions in Uganda. A Case of the Iteso Cultural Union


4.    Yonas Ashine Demisse- Developmentalism in postcolonial Africa: The Developmental State of Ethiopia, 1991 to the present


5.    Akoko Akech Jacob- Social Movements, Popular Political Actions and Political Change in Kenya: 1945-2015







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