Research Overview

In the face of a growing and pervasive culture of consultancy, MISR commits itself to its original vocation, social research. MISR aims to minimize the impact of consultancy culture, which reduces research to an information-gathering exercize by today's version of 'native informants,' and to focus instead on problem formulation as the heart of the research enterprise.

Formulating the problem calls for a two-fold commitment, firstly, to a critical engagement with the society at large and, secondly, to a critical grasp of the relevant disciplinary and inter-disciplinary literature in order to identify key debates within the literature and to locate queries within those debates. We think such an approach will allow us to re-think old questions and formulate new ones.

The research agenda is organized around a number of different themes, with different projects and different researchers working under each.



Research fellows

  1. Giuliano Martiniello. The Accumulation of Dispossession? Land Grabbing and Land Reforms in Southern and Eastern Africa.
  2. Mahmood Mamdani. Sovereignty.
  3. Pamela Khanakwa. Inter-Communal Violence and Land Rights: Bugisu-Bugwere Territorial Boundary Conflict.
  4. Stella Nyanzi. Politicising 'the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah': Examining Christian Rightists' war against homosexuality in Uganda.

Research Associates

  1. Lawyer Kafureeka. Uganda’s Oil and Gas Sector in Transition: Hope or Despair.
  2. Lwanga Lunyiigo. Land in Bugerere 1900 - 1967.
  3. Mary S. Nabacwa. The effects of the changing relations with government to NGO performance: A case of Uganda.
  4. Okello Ogwang. Colonial library, national literature, and the postcolonial question: between Uganda Journal and Transition."
  5. Simba Kayunga. Globalization and Regional Security: Towards s an Understanding of Uganda’s Relations in the Great Lakes Region.


  1. Frank Muhereza. Pastoralist Migrations and Land Conflicts in Northern Bunyoro: Implications for the Transformation of Pastoralism In Uganda.

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