Seminar: 'The Language of Land: Ngoya, or the Benjamin of Angolan languages and ethnicities' by Antonio Tomas

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 - 3:00am

Two apparently unrelated events took place in 2004. First, the National Broadcast of Angola introduced a new language to its emissions: Ngoya. Second, the controversial land law that posits the Angolan state as the sole owner of land was approved by the Angolan parliament. My project is an attempt to study the convergence of these two events.  The hypothesis is that the emergence of a new language (even if on in the name, since Ngoya is simply a dialect of Kimbundu) and the reconfiguration of the ethnic panorama in Angola may be a by-product of land conflicts. 

Time: 2:15-5:15pm

Attendance will be limited to 60. To reserve a seat, please email Doreen Tazwaire at

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MISR Seminar Room 1
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