Graduate Education

  • The Makerere Institute of Social Research launched its Interdisciplinary PhD in Social Studies in January, 2012. The five-year programme entails two years of coursework and three years of dissertation research and writing. Four broad themes define the programme’s intellectual focus: Political Studies, Political Economy, Historical Studies, and Cultural Studies. Students specialize in one field, but take classes across all four. This allows students to be grounded theoretically, while also giving them a broad foundation in historically informed debates in the humanities and social sciences. In addition, there is a set of core courses, with a focus on theory and historiography, required of all students. The courses are taught by MISR faculty, faculty from other Makerere departments, and by preeminent visiting scholars through the MISR Global Scholars Programme.

    Admission Criteria

    The MISR Interdisciplinary MPhil/PhD programme is open to applicants who have earned a B.A.... Read More

  • List of  courses for the Interdisciplinary PhD in Social Studies at MISR

    (M Phil / PhD in Social Studies).

     3.2.1 Core Courses (SSR = Social Studies Core Subjects)

     SSR 7101: Major Debates in the Study of Africa

    SSR 7102: Premodern Social and Political Thought

    SSR 7103: The History of Economic Theory

     SSR 7204: Africa Before Western Hegemony

    SSR 8101: Colonialism, Post-Colonialism, and Decolonisation

    SSR 8202: Research Seminar


    3.2.2 Cluster 1: Political Studies (SSP = Social Studies concentration in Political Studies)

    SSP 7201: Human Rights and Politics

    SSP 7202: Contemporary Social and Political Thought

    SSP 8101: Power, Society and Custom Before and After Colonialism

    SSP 8202: The Modern State and the Colonial Subject

    SSP 8203: Thematic Seminar: Political Studies


    3.2.3 Cluster 2: Political Economy (SSE... Read More

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