Book Review: Violence in the Rwenzori region and the puzzle of ethnicity

06 Sep, 2021

Source: Nile Post

Adventino Banjwa

Why would people rise up in their multitudes to kill their neighbours, or, at least, cheer when the state is slaughtering them? Why is having a separate district so important to members of an ethnic group that they kill and die for it? How does one explain the popularity of this violence?

Rethinking the state & dev't in post-COVID-19 neoliberal Uganda

05 Sep, 2021

Source: The Observer Newspaper

On August 12, 2021, SEATINI Uganda organised a one-day conference, bringing together selected members of civil society organisations and the academia to discuss the role of the state in development today.

The conference also availed preliminary points of departure, if only theoretical, for the new intellectual formation, the Equator School for Alternative Development – itself a brainchild of SEATINI Uganda.