Joining Makerere Institute of Social Research

Joining Makerere Institute of Social Research

MISR is home to a diverse community of scholars.

At its core are the full-time Research Fellows who are permanently based at MISR and are formally appointed by Makerere University. Research Fellows will be appointed for a three to five-year term, with the possibility of renewal. The appointments begun in 2012. Salary is competitive.

Research Associates are researchers holding a PhD who are based permanently at a university or a research institute in Uganda and are formally members of a permanent research group at MISR.

Visiting Research Associates are externally-based researchers spending a period of at least one academic semester at MISR and having a formal link to a specific MISR research group.

MISR Affiliates are externally-based researchers who have a formal affiliation with MISR in order to acquire research clearance with the Ugandan government.

MISR is developing Academic Collaborations with a number of other universities and research institutions, primarily in Africa, but also throughout the global South. If you are interested in building such a collaborative relationship between your university or institution and MISR, please contact us at "".