Academic Calendar

The 2020 academic year will run as follows:

Saturday, January 4

2020 cohort report and ALL students report back

Monday, January 6Orientation for 2020 Cohort

Monday, January 6

Teaching starts, runs for 15 weeks until Friday April 17, 2020

Saturday - Friday, April 18th-24thExams/Reading week
Friday, April 24End of Semester One teaching and Deadline for submission of ALL semester I papers

Saturday, April 25 – Friday, May 8

Two weeks’ holiday

Saturday, May 9Students report back for Semester Two
Monday, May 11Teaching starts lasting 15 weeks until Friday August 21, 2020
Saturday, August 22- 28Exams/reading week

Friday, August 28

Closing of Academic Year/ End of semester II & Deadline for submission of ALL semester II papers

Tuesday, September 1-Thursday Dec. 31Long Vacation