Academic Calendar

The 2020 academic year will run as follows:

  Wednesday Seminars start at 2:15 pm.

Thursday- Sunday January 2-5

2020 cohort report

Saturday-Sunday, January 4-5 ALL students report back

Monday, January 6

Orientation for 2020 Cohort

Tuesday, January 7 Teaching starts, runs for 15 weeks until Friday April 18, 2020
Wednesday, January 15 MISR Delegation to China (Yahya Seremba, Haydee Bangerezako and Joseph Kasule): Report on China.
Wednesday, January 22 

Derek Peterson, University of Michigan: Life on the Front Lines: Popular Pan-Africanism in Idi Amin's Uganda.



Lecture 1: Wednesday ,January 29

Lecture 2: Friday, January 31

Lecture 3: Wednesday, February 5

Lecture Series 'Palestine as a Question'

Raef Zreik, University of Haifa, Framing 

Raef Zreik, University of Haifa, Justice 

Raef Zreik, University of Haifa, Decolonization


Wednesday, February 12

Panel Discussion: The Life and Legacy of John Mbiti: African Religion and Post-Colonial Politics 

Wednesday, June 17 

Research Seminar By Dr. Virginie  Tallio 


Saturday - Friday, April 18th-24th Exams/Reading week
Friday, April 24 End of Semester One teaching and Deadline for submission of ALL semester I papers

Saturday, April 25 – Friday, May 8

Two weeks’ holiday

Saturday, May 9 All students report back for Semester ll
Monday, May 11 Teaching starts lasting 15 weeks until Friday August 21, 2020
Friday, June 13 Feminist Interdisciplinarity in the Study of Violence. Dr. Ossome Lyn.
Saturday, June 14 Feminist Interdisciplinarity in the Study of Violence. Dr. Ossome Lyn.
Wednesday,  June 17

Research Seminar by Dr. Virginie  Tallio

Wednesday, Jun 24  Research Seminar by Dr, Grace-Edward Galabuzi  
Wednesday, July 1 Research Seminar by Dr. Samson Bezabeh
Wednesday, July 8 Research Seminar by Dr. Yahya Sseremba 
Wednesday, July 22 Natacha Nsabimana, University of Chicago: 'Nowhere else We could have fled:' Mediations on Nationalism and Political Exile.'
Saturday, August 22- 28 Exams/reading week

Friday, August 28

End of semester II & Deadline for submission of ALL semester II papers

Tuesday, Sept 1-Thursday Dec. 31 LONG VACATION