Mahmood Mamdani

Executive Director

Mahmood Mamdani is from Kampala, Uganda and became director of MISR in 2010. He received his Ph.D. in government from Harvard University. Mamdani is Herbert Lehman Professor of Government in the Department of Anthropology and Political Science and the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, where he was also director of the Institute of African Studies from 1999 to 2004.

Lyn Ossome

Senior Research Fellow

Lyn Ossome is Senior Research Fellow at the Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR), Makerere University. She received her PhD in Political Studies from Wits University. Her specializations and taught courses are in the fields of feminist political economy and feminist political theory, with particular research interests in land and agrarian studies, gendered labour, queer feminist histories and the political economy of gendered violence. She is the author of Gender, Ethnicity and Violence in Kenya’s Transitions to Democracy: States of Violence (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018).

Andrea Cassatella

Senior Research Fellow

Andrea Cassatella is a Senior Research Fellow at the Makerere Institute of Social Research, Makerere University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from the University of Toronto. His teaching and research are in social and political philosophy broadly construed across different cultural traditions, with particular interests in modern European philosophy and political theory, decolonial/post-colonial thought, religion and politics, and Islamic political thought.

Virginie Tallio

Research Fellow

Virginie Tallio defended her Ph.D in Ethnology and Social Anthropology at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (France) in 2007. She worked as a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Germany) from August 2006 to February 2009 and as a researcher at the Centro de Estudos Internacionais (ex-Africanos) do ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal) from May 2009 to May 2014.

Florence Ebila

Research Associate

Florence Ebila has Doctoral and Masters’ Degrees in African Languages and Literature/ Women and Gender Studies, from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, a Masters’ Degree in Women and Gender Studies and a Bachelors Degree in Literature, from Makerere University.

She is a lecturer in the School of Women and Gender Studies Makerere University, Kampala. Her Doctoral dissertation focused on how African women’s (auto)biographies voiced gender and nationalism in Kenya, Uganda and Liberia.

Grace-Edward Galabuzi

Senior Research Fellow

Grace-Edward Galabuzi is a Senior Research Fellow at the Makerere Institute for Social Research, Makerere University. He has served as an Associate Professor in the Politics and Public Administration Department, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada and a Research Associate at the Centre for Social Justice in Toronto.