Affiliation with Makerere Institute of Social Research

Visiting researchers may apply for affiliation with MISR.

Affiliates have specified privileges at MISR, among them the use of the Library and attendance at seminars.

Affiliation is at an annual fee of USD 1000 (One thousand) paid or transferred to MISR.

Affiliates are also expected to deposit a copy of their published results at our library.
Prospective affiliates should have knowledge of Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) requirements prior to initiating contact with MISR. Please follow this link to view procedure for Research application and download RC1 Form and RS6 Form.

An application for affiliation must be accompanied by a recommendation from one of the researchers at MISR, preferably a researcher who shares thematic interest with the applicant. 
How to apply for affiliation.

Send a soft copy of your research proposal and CV for us to ascertain whether your research is in line with our interests. We will contact you in 7 working days to confirm whether you’re legible for affiliation and also send you information of the affiliation requirements.

For more information please contact:

Head Librarian,
Makerere Institute of Social Research
P.O. Box 16022
Kampala, Uganda
Tel. 02003052000 or +256 414 532 838 or +256 414 554582
Fax: 256 414 532821