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The History of Dictatorship: Custom, Authority, and Power in Precolonial and Colonial Uganda


Journal Name: Africa Spectrum
Main Author: Dr. Yahya Sseremba
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Preface We are pleased to give you a copy of the Graduate Student Handbook, which we hope will help both new and continuing students navigate through graduate student life at Makerere University. If you are a new student we are delighted that you chose Makerere University and we hope that your graduate study at Makerere University will meet your expectations. If you are a continuing student, we hope that the coming year will be rewarding and productive.

Main Author: Professor Buyinza Mukadasi
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This handbook is intended to help you navigate through the years of study and research that will lead to an MPhil or Ph.D. degree in Social Studies at MISR. It is hoped that these explanations and the outlining of procedures will help you in planning your studies. The Ph.D. in Social Studies typically requires 2 years of coursework followed by a year of building bibliographies, comprehensive exams, prospectus writing, and grant submissions; 1 year of dissertation research; and 1 year of dissertation write-up.

Main Author: MISR
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Ten Years of the Doctoral Programme at MISR. A Reflection


Main Author: Mahmood Mamdani
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Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR)

ISLAM IN UGANDA. The Muslim Minority, Nationalism & Political Power

This book examines the historical, political, religious, and social dynamics of Muslim minority status in Uganda, and important themes of pre- and post-colonial political community, religion and national identity. 

Main Author: Dr. Joseph Kasule
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BOOK: Beyond the Secular: Jacques Derrida and the Theological-Political Complex

Beyond the Secular: Jacques Derrida and the Theological-Political Complex investigates the contemporary relationship between religion and politics through a critical reading of Jacques Derrida’s political thought. Its central claim is that Derrida’s thought offers powerful resources to rethink such a relationship beyond the secular paradigm.

Main Author: Andrea Cassatella
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SUNY Press

Beyond Local Government Reforms: A Case Study of Toro and Kigezi Districts in the Politics of Postcolonial Uganda

Abstract This study contributes to the understanding of ethnicity in local government politics in Uganda. The idea here is to explain how ethnic patriotism was possible under the circumstances in which the colonial mode of governance rigidly recognized only one official identity of the Batoro in Toro. In comparison, the study demonstrates how the response from the colonized in Kigezi set parameters outside the indirect rule politics partly because the colonial mode of governance there was flexible in as far as it recognized the multi-ethnic identity of Kigezi.

Main Author: Evarist Ngabirano
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Ethnic emancipation and conflict escalation in Uganda

This article examines why the emancipation of ethnic groups has failed to address ethnic conflicts in Uganda. Successive Ugandan governments, especially the current regime of President Yoweri Museveni, have attempted to end the country’s history of ethnic strife by creating separate constituencies, separate districts and separate kingdoms for marginalised ethnic groups to free them from the domination of powerful ethnic groups.

Main Author: Dr. Yahya Sseremba
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The Impact of Governance on Research in Ugandan Universities

Journal Name: MISR Working Papers
Main Author: A.B.K. Kasozi
Year: 2017
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Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR)

Gender, Ethnicity, and Violence in Kenya’s Transitions to Democracy: States of Violence

Gender, Ethnicity, and Violence in Kenya’s Transitions to Democracy : States of Violence - Lyn Ossome

Year: 2018
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