"Chinese Investment in Africa: Its Variegated and Contradictory Character in Relation to Land, Agriculture, Mining and Infrastructure" (2 Contributions from MISR)

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Main Author
Freedom Mazwi; George T. Mudimu; Kirk Helliker
Associated Authors
Adventino Banjwa, Clemente Ntauazi, David Muinga, Tendai Gunduza, Freedom Mazwi, Lizzy Banda, Simon Manda, Nkumbu Nalwimba, Nkumbu Nalwimba, George T. Mudimu, Sizo Nkala, Farasten Muzavazi,Blaise Muhire

Chapter 2: Banjwa Adventino, 2024. "Chinese Agricultural Investments in Uganda and the Paradox of "Idle Land".

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Chapter 4: Muinga David, 2024. "Problematising the Mutuality Discourse in Chinese Agricultural Investment in Uganda."

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