MISR Review 6

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Main Author
Mahmood Mamdani
Associated Authors
Lwazi Siyabonga Lushaba, Sefa Secen, Biboswan Bose, Eric Tei-Kumadoe, Hadeel Assali, Jacob Katumusiime, Hardik Brata Biswas
Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR)

Introduction to this Issue

The MISR Review 6 has two parts. The first is the smaller, consisting of two review essays from the regular publication program of the journal. Lwazi Siyabonga’s reviews Nigerian sociologist Peter Ekeh’s seminal essay on ‘Colonialism and Social Structure’. Sefa Secan reviews Peter Gran’s 2020 book, The Persistence of Orientalism: Anglo-American Historians and Modern Egypt.

The essays in part two of this issue have been selected from work produced and discussed at the Mellon-supported workshop and institute on ‘Cultural Studies’. The papers are introduced at the beginning of part two of this issue by Professor Rosinka Chaudhuri of the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta (CSSSC) in Kolkata.

The MISR Review will present three sets of selected papers from Mellon-supported multi-university research consortium on ‘Decolonisation, the Disciplines and the University.’ The first set of essays under the disciplinary umbrella of Historical Studies were published in The MISR Review 5. The current set of essays were a product of the workshop on Cultural Studies. We hope to publish the final set of papers under the disciplinary theme Political Studies in the next issue of this journal.

Mahmood Mamdani Chair, Editorial Board