Genealogy of African Debates on Decoloniality: Afrikaans and Kiswahili Part III: Deciphering Decoloniality Conceptually

23 Nov, 2023

The preceding parts, I and II have attempted to frame the concept of decoloniality in two ways: liberatory and institutional. The former means that decoloniality is innately an emancipatory concept for the non-West or formerly colonized populations mainly Latin America and Africa in response to Western epistemic hegemony.

Genealogy of African Debates on Decoloniality: Afrikaans and Kiswahili. Part 1: Introduction

20 Nov, 2023

Author: Hamudan Ssenoga

Source: The Sword

I AM immensely thrilled to think alongside you in this series, on the Genealogy of African Debates on Decoloniality. Two central issues, in this opinion, are explored. Firstly, I situate Afrikaans and Kiswahili within a historical and decolonial context. Secondly, it studies the conceptualization of decoloniality.

We are all Palestinians

14 Oct, 2023

2023 will be recorded historically as the year that Palestinians stood boldly in the face of colonial fascism and screamed in defense of their homes, humanity and life. Palestinians as a people have endured over a century of settler colonial violence. We have thrived as a people and shall continue to do so. We do not need to speak of our right to resist, for it is not a right, but a way of being and survival for Palestinians.

Four MISR students have been awarded the 2023-2024 Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Award

15 Jun, 2023

We heartily congratulate four of our continuing students whose projects have been awarded the 2023-2024 Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships. The award will support their ongoing projects, titled as follows:

Jacob Katumusiime - “Beyond Religio-Cultural Violence: A Historico-Political Re-Contextualization of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God”