The papers in this issue are the work of members of the beyond Criminal Justice research group at Makerere Institute of Social Research. Copies are available from the MISR Library at UGX 15,000.

12: The Politics of Indigeneity: Land Restitution in Burundi. Haydee Bangerezako

44: Justice and Peace after War: Conceptual Difficulties in the Discourses of

       Transition and Reform in Postwar Societies. Laury Lawrence Ocen

82: What is Kenya Becoming? Dealing with Mass Violence in the Rift Valley. Simon

        Omaada Esibo

110: “Kitu Kichafu Sana”: Daniel Arap Moi and the Dirty Business of Dismembering Kenya’s Body Politic. Akoko Akech

156: Beyond Nuremberg: The Historical Significance of the Post-apartheid

          Transition in South Africa. Mahmood Mamdani