MISR PhD Courses

List of  courses for the Interdisciplinary PhD in Social Studies at MISR

(M Phil / PhD in Social Studies).

 3.2.1 Core Courses (SSR = Social Studies Core Subjects)

 SSR 7101: Major Debates in the Study of Africa

SSR 7102: Premodern Social and Political Thought

SSR 7103: The History of Economic Theory

 SSR 7204: Africa Before Western Hegemony

SSR 8101: Colonialism, Post-Colonialism, and Decolonisation

SSR 8202: Research Seminar


3.2.2 Cluster 1: Political Studies (SSP = Social Studies concentration in Political Studies)

SSP 7201: Human Rights and Politics

SSP 7202: Contemporary Social and Political Thought

SSP 8101: Power, Society and Custom Before and After Colonialism

SSP 8202: The Modern State and the Colonial Subject

SSP 8203: Thematic Seminar: Political Studies


3.2.3 Cluster 2: Political Economy (SSE = Social Studies concentration in Political Economy)

SSE 7201: International Political Economy

SSE 8101: Statistical Methods

SSE 8102: Late Industrialization

SSE 8103: Thematic Seminar: Political Economy

SSE 8204: The Agrarian Question in Modern History


3.2.4 Cluster 3: Historical Studies (Social Studies concentration in Historical Studies)

SSH 7201: Slavery and Slave Trades

SSH 7202: Gender in History

SSH 8101: Thematic Seminar: Historical Studies

SSH 8102: Historical Research and Sources in African History

SSH 8203: History and Historicism


3.2.5 Cluster 4: Cultural Studies (Social Studies concentration in Cultural Studies)

SSC 7201: African Literature and the Critical Traditions

SSC 7202: Thematic Seminar: Cultural Studies

SSC 8101: Culture and Theory

SSC 8102: Studies in Contemporary African Popular Arts and Cultures

SSC 8202: Development, Culture & Social Change

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