Prof. Mamdani is to be honored as "Scholar of the year" at the Annual African Diaspora Awards NYC

19 Nov, 2012,

Prof. Mamdani is to be honored as "Scholar of the Year" at the second Annual African Diaspora Awards in recognition of his accomplishments and immense contribution to African Scholarship. The event will take place at the School of Visual Arts 333 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011, on December 8th 2012.

The African Diaspora Awards is a special initiative that aims to celebrate exemplary individuals who have made a significant difference in the African community in the United States, as well as individuals in society who have contributed to the advancement of Africans and Africa as a whole. The ADA award is particularly aimed at motivating young and accomplished Diaspora Africans to become the change they wish for Africa.

Over the past twelve years, Applause Africa has committed time, energy and resources to identify and celebrate Africans in the Diaspora who have made a significant difference in their communities around the world. The African Diaspora Awards joins the list of projects and programs created by Applause Africa which seek to empower Africans in the Diaspora and render positive messages that encourages them and their community.

For more information on the African Diaspora Awards including nomination process and categories, please see the attached document or visit