"Rethinking Uganda Museum" Seminar, 7th June, 2017

29 May, 2017,


Date;        Wednesday 7th June, 2017
Venue:     MISR Seminar Room 1
Time:       2:15- 5:15pm.


Mr. Nelson Abiti, Curator for Ethnography, Uganda Museum

Ms. Jackline Nyiracyiza, Curator for History and Archaeology, Uganda Museum

Dr. Derek Peterson, University of Michigan.


This working seminar will engage curators and MISR students in a conversation about ongoing efforts to renew the ethnographic and historical displays at the Uganda Museum. The Uganda Museum—like all museums—has inherited collections that circumscribe the stories that can be told. Part of the seminar will therefore concern the history of collecting and the provenance of the objects in the collection. The bulk of the time will concern the Museum’s future. What kinds of stories ought the Museum tell? With what materials? To serve what ends?

It would be useful if participants in the seminar would reacquaint themselves with the displays by visiting the Museum in advance of the seminar.

Papers for the seminar are available in MISR Library.


The event is open to the Public. Audience attendance is limited to 60 persons. Pre-register with MISR Library.

For more information on MISR seminar series, call: 0312 132100