Two MISR Doctoral Fellows Receive Academic Appointments

02 Feb, 2017,

MISR congratulates,

Laury Ocen who successfully defended his thesis, Reading Monuments: Politics and Poetics of Memory in Postwar Northern Uganda on January 25, 2017. He will be the first MISR Fellow to receive a PhD in Social Studies this month during the 67th graduation ceremony of Makerere University, after which he will assume a two year post-doctoral fellowship at MISR.
Ayanda Wiseman, 4th year MISR Fellow, who is currently completing his dissertation on the intellectual history of CODESRIA, has been appointed lecturer at the department of political studies, University of the Western Cape. The position is based on teaching and research on a specific project on Citizenship and Justice; his brief also includes broadly rethinking Intellectual History, Political Theory and Political Philosophy in Africa.