Mamdani's Text of Remarks at the 2nd Tana High Level forum on Security in Africa-Bahr Dar, Ethiopia-20-21 April, 2013

22 Apr, 2013

Text of Remarks at the 2ndTana High Level Forum on Security in Africa – Bahr Dar, Ethiopia – 20-21 April, 2013

Mahmood Mamdani, MISR, Kampala

My main point is going to be this: there is a history to organized crime, and there is a politics to it.  We need to be aware of both.


Organized crime became a global problem during the Cold War.  Why? 

Mamdani's Response to The 20th Annual Joseph Mubiru Lecture, Bank Of Uganda, by Prof. Joseph Stiglitz

21 Jul, 2012

Your Excellency, Mr. President; the Chair, the Honorable Minister of Finance; the Honorable Governor of the Bank of Uganda and the Honorable Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda,

I assume that the Bank of Uganda has asked me to be a discussant hoping I would raise questions they do not feel comfortable raising.  I will take a cue from them and ask Professor Stiglitz questions hoping he will give responses that I do not quite feel comfortable giving.