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Professor Buyinza Mukadasi


We are pleased to give you a copy of the Graduate Student Handbook, which we hope will help both new and continuing students navigate through graduate student life at Makerere University. If you are a new student we are delighted that you chose Makerere University and we hope that your graduate study at Makerere University will meet your expectations. If you are a continuing student, we hope that the coming year will be rewarding and productive.

The strategic goal of Makerere University is to strengthen its graduate training sector to ad- dress the demand for knowledge economy and development goals of Uganda and Society at large. Hence, Makerere is repositioning itself for graduate training and research.

This guideline handbook combines rules and regulations and materials that are key for graduate students and staff. Makerere University and the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training, in particular warmly welcome the newly admitted students to the graduate programs offered by Makerere University and wish them fruitful and rewarding years of training, research, networking, and service to society.

The handbook defines the most important policies, procedures, and practices that guide graduate education at Makerere University. The information and language in the handbook supersede any conflicting information that may appear on the Graduate website.

Graduate students are a very vital component of the University. The University and its relevant constituent units, therefore, place a high priority on the educational, social, technological, administrative, and scientific aspects of graduate studies. This is in recognition that as research students, they bring in inputs of vibrant and dynamic contributions with a sense of renewal to the various Colleges/Schools and other University units. It is common knowledge, globally that, about half the research in the world is carried out by graduate students. The new knowledge and innovations contributed through various research measure the relevance of Makerere University towards national and international development.

The information contained in this handbook is intended to serve as a compendium for easy access to the key university policies, guidelines, and operational procedures pertaining to Graduate Training. It is not an end in itself; therefore, you are encouraged to consult the management of graduate programs at various levels, where further clarity is needed. Some other guidelines and policies such as the Sexual Harassment, Research, and Intellectual Property, HIV/AIDS can be accessed independently.

I encourage both students and staff of the University to familiarise themselves with the information herein. For the students, these guidelines and regulations will facilitate the timely completion of their graduate programs. On their part, as advisors or mentors, the handbook will be a useful source of information for more informed assistance to the students.

The handbook has been the product of tireless collegial discussions among academic staff and graduate students. While there have been some problems met, the unselfish contributions made by many have made this handbook a reality.

This handbook is designed to codify and clarify the procedures and requirements relating to graduate work. It will be revised regularly to keep up-to-date.
In the future, efforts are invited in order to make further improvements. There are always aspects requiring revision, even correction—a fact of life.

Give us feedback whenever possible as we together, Build For the Future!

Professor Buyinza Mukadasi


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