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This handbook is intended to help you navigate through the years of study and research that will lead to an MPhil or Ph.D. degree in Social Studies at MISR. It is hoped that these explanations and the outlining of procedures will help you in planning your studies.

The Ph.D. in Social Studies typically requires 2 years of coursework followed by a year of building bibliographies, comprehensive exams, prospectus writing, and grant submissions; 1 year of dissertation research; and 1 year of dissertation write-up.

The ideal time frame for completion is 5 years, but circumstances vary. MISR, however, cannot guarantee funding beyond 3 years for the MPhil and another 2 years for research and writing. Only those students who successfully complete the MPhil can access funding for the Ph.D.

If you do not complete the MPhil in 3 years, you will need to petition the Institute for extra time to finish the MPhil and find your own funding to pay for all costs (tuition, fees, upkeep, etc) for that extra time.

When you enter the program, you will take three required core courses in the first semester of the programme. That should provide you with a basis on which to make a selection of courses for the second semester. By the end of the second year at the latest, each student chooses an advisor and one additional faculty member in order to form a committee. (See below, Advising). Your progress will be reviewed at the end of every semester by the entire Ph.D. teaching team.

When reporting to commence studies in year one, semester one, all students coming from outside Uganda will be provided with airport pickup from Entebbe International Airport. During holiday breaks, long vacations, and any other travel, all students shall be expected to arrange their own transport from MISR to their preferred destination and back to MISR, unless on official travel or whenever the Administrator deems transport is available.

MISR offers a full scholarship that primarily covers the academic well-being of the student. It does not cover your family, spouse, and children. In addition, when admitted to the programme you become a full-time student who will not be in any form of employment unless approved by the Director.

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