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Working Paper No. 1: The South Sudan Referendum

Journal Name: MISR Working Papers
Year: 2011
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Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR)

Rhetorical Analysis of President Jammeh's Threats to behead homosexuals in The Gambia

Stella Nyanzi has published a chapter entitled "Rhetorical Analysis of President Jammeh's Threats to behead homosexuals in The Gambia' in the edited volume entitled 'Sexual Diversity in Africa: Politics, Theory and Citizenship'. This book is edited by Sybille Nyeck and Marc Epprecht, and published by McGill Queen's University Press, Buffalo. For details please visit:

Main Author: Dr. Stella Nyanzi
Publications: Staff

Uganda’s Civil War and the Politics of ICC Intervention

Uganda’s Civil War and the Politics of ICC Intervention, Ethics and International Affairs, vol. 21, no. 2 (2007).

Journal Name: Ethics and International Affairs
Associated Authors: Adam Branch
Year: 2007
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Define And Rule: Native As Political Identity by Mahmood Mamdani

Define and Rule focuses on the turn in late nineteenth-century colonial statecraft when Britain abandoned the attempt to eradicate difference between conqueror and conquered and introduced a new idea of governance, as the definition and management of difference. Mahmood Mamdani explores how lines were drawn between settler and native as distinct political identities, and between natives according to tribe. Out of that colonial experience issued a modern language of pluralism and difference.

Main Author: Prof. Mahmood Mamdani
Year: 2012
Publications: Staff

Refashioning Sexual Safety Away From Home: Contextual and Structural Factors Contributing to Young Refugee Women’s Vulnerability and Resilience to HIV/AIDS in Uganda by Stella Nyanzi

Forced displacement exposes communities to potential risks of HIV transmission, both during flight and when they are negotiating alternative forms of settlement. The available multiple histories of sexual violence during and after conflict highlight the fact that young refugee women are often victimized and thus bear the brunt of consequences in their sexual and reproductive lives.

Journal Name: Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC)’s Working Paper No. 38
Associated Authors: Stella Nyanzi
Year: 2012
Publications: Student